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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ghost Dog - A real hip hop movie

I actually might have been influenced by some of the advertising on the channel today. I saw "The Last King of Scotland" - starring Forest Whitaker playing evil dictator Idi Amin. A wicked movie. I have to confess that while I had heard of this Idi Amin character before, I just knew of him as this evil dude - but didn't really know the details of his place in history. Whitaker brings his serious A-game to the role and captures the complex personality of Amin brilliantly. I can't see how he won't get an oscar nomination for the role. My only complaint with the flick was this b-story it was telling with this Scottish doctor. The movie seemed to deflate anytime Whitaker wasn't on the screen. We had to highlight on the channel another Whitaker performance of a few years back - in GHOST DOG. If you haven't seen this flick then your missing a classic that merges the gangster and hip-hop genres in a way that many of today's films can't begin to do. A film that knows how to lay down a serious hip-hop score (respect, RZA) that enhances the beauty of the film - and not just for the marketing of a single or crew that too many of today's movies only try and do. I recently saw the Ghost Dog DVD at HMV for ten bucks. A worthy addition to the collection.


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