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Saturday, October 14, 2006

RAPproject.tv is Launched!

We're finally up and streaming some video for you. Our official broadcast site is still a few weeks away - but this teaser site should give you an idea of the type of urban programming we're going to offer. Documentaries, comedy, behind the scenes of cool movies, music videos will be a lot of what we'll be showing on RAPproject.tv - We can't forget our Canadian roots so will be showing off some of the great talent this country has to offer. And we do expect to hear from you, our audience about what you feelin' about the channel and what your hating on' So we hope you do enjoy a few of our vids and we give you one more reason why you'll never have to watch that shitty old TV again. Peace.


Blogger The Unfriendliness (AMB) said...

You found me through MySpace but I prefer blogspot. Cool project. I am into Dancehall, Ninja Tune, old school hip hop, Spank Rock and TTC. Oh and Justin Timberlake of course ;-)

Check out 33mag.TV where I will have a new WebTV show (french version) in January: La Musique Spin le MOnde

6:11 AM


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