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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Toronto Rap Project premiere on April 20th.

So today was an interesting day. It was the press conference to announce the ReelWorld Film Festival. For those of you not keeping score, this is the film festival in Toronto where my documentary, The Toronto Rap Project will makes it's premiere on April 20th. The ReelWorld Film Festival was founded by Tonia Lee Williams to celebrate racial diversity in films. If you don't know who Tonia Lee Williams is, the quickest way for me to describe her would be to say "she played the hot black doctor chick on the Young & the Restless." I'm still a little shocked to realize that my doc will premiere at this festival. I've certainly heard about the ReelWorld Film Festival over the years. But I have to admit I always thought you had to be a black director to have your film screened at ReelWorld. I mean, I'm a white Jewish dude from the burbs. Stupid me... It turns out ReelWorld is about the celebration of racially diverse people in front or behind the lens. So as a white dude filming black people rapping -- I'm in ReelWorld. Back to the press conference today... When we were invited to the press conference a couple weeks back, I figured it would be cool to bring out some of the rappers that appear in the Rap Project. So I called up Blacus Ninjah to invite him to the PC and in doing most rappers proud, ends up showing up to the press conference with a sort of mini-entourage that included his brother Nkrumah, 5 Deutsche emcee Kastro, and a few other people. Suddenly, The Toronto Rap Project doc had a crew at the conference. It didn't take long before some of the TV cameras started to focus in on us. It was cool to see CTV's e-talk daily show feature some shots from the Rap Project doc tonight including the opening titles.